Why Private Browser?

What is Private Browser?

Private Browser allows you to safely and anonymously connect to any network and access any site anywhere for free.

Anytime you browse the web on your phone, Private Browser first redirects your data to a secure network and then encrypts it before transmission. We also hide your IP address so your location is undetectable. Whether you want to unblock YouTube or use as a shield proxy when surfing, your data, identity, and location are secure.

This service is completely free to you. No registration. No fees. No strings attached.

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About PrivateBrowser.org

Private Browser is the an amazing app. As our name suggests, we exist to create an amazing Browser that is free and private. All built to make your mobile browsing life affordable, safe and private.

Private Browser users are not tracked in any way, no personal info is logged, no registration is required so users can browse the web completely anonymously with PrivateBrowser.

Questions about Private Browser? Browse our Frequently Asked Questions or drop us a line. Improve your mobile browser life with privacy and anonymity.

Do not browse without protection and privacy

Protect your data and privacy

Guard sensitive information like bank accounts, credit cards, and passwords safe from prying eyes.

Surf anonymously

Browse the web privately without worrying about who might be watching.

Unlock blocked sites

Unlock Facebook, Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Skype, Instagram and any other restricted site anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click any question below to view the answer. If your question isn't there, contact us directly.

How can I contact Private Browser?

If you have further questions, concerns, or feedback, you can contact us by opening the Private Browser menu and pressing “contact us”, or by sending an email to contact@privatebrowser.org. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I remove my information?

You can delete personal information from our serves by selecting ‘about this app’ from our Menu and checking the box ‘Delete Personal Data’ at the bottom of the screen.

This will delete previously collected personal data. Leaving the check box checked will also prevent the storage of future data.

To cease all data collection entirely, you will need to uninstall the VPN profile.

iOS: How do I uninstall Private Browser?

Press and hold the app icon, then tap the cross in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

To remove the app completely, you’ll need to delete your profile as well. Go to “settings”, then select “General”, and then “Profiles.” Under “Profiles”, select “Free VPN Profile” and then “Delete Profile”.

Private Browser is completely free.

What is Private Browser?

Private Browser is a privacy browser App that allows you to safely and securely browse the web. Private Browser offers three layers of protection. Your data is first encrypted and then transmitted through secure proxy servers.

This service also hides your IP address so that your physical location is not detectable. This allows you to browse the web with anonymity.

Private Browser is completely free.