Total Privacy and No Log, Guaranteed!

Privacy Plus with Ad Block - Stops Ads and Ad Trackers

Why Private Browser?

Secure Connection

Safely access Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G and personal hotspots.

Public Wi-Fi Protection

Personal information, passwords and embarrassing texts are safe at last.

Top Speed

Slow down your internet connection? That’s not our style.

No Login Required

No registration, Free Download.

TOR Network

Direct your internet traffic through a worldwide overlay of networks, ensuring complete anonymity.

Encrypted Data

Data is fully encrypted before transmission for an added layer of protection.


What is Private Browser?

Private Browser allows you to safely and anonymously connect to any and all networks and access global content and websites.

Anytime you browse the web on your phone, Private Browser first redirects your data to a secure network then encrypts it before transmission. We also hide your IP address so your location is undetectable. Whether you want to unblock YouTube or use it as a shield proxy while surfing, your data, identity, and location are secure.

This high grade VPN service comes with no strings attached and requires no registration to get started.

About Private Browser

Private Browser, as we like to say it, is an amazing app which lives up to its name and creates a safe browsing experience, keeping you secure from the prying eyes of data trackers.

Our users are not tracked in any way. No registration is required and no personal info is logged, meaning you are leaving behind no online footprint.

Have questions about Private Browser? Read our Frequently Asked Questions or drop us a line. Let’s together move towards a more secure way of online browsing.


Do not browse without protection and privacy

Protect Data
Protect your data and privacy
Guard sensitive information like bank accounts, credit cards, and passwords safe from prying eyes.
Surf anonymously
Browse the web privately without worrying about who might be watching.
Unblock Sites
Unlock blocked sites
Unlock Facebook, Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Skype, Instagram and any other restricted site anywhere in the world.

Browse Privately with Private Browser